The Pon Family in Cambodia

Thank you, friends and families, for following our journey.

We're the Pon family from Seattle, WA and currently living in Cambodia.

We sold our home and most of our possessions, Nikum left his job, all so that we as a family can pursue God's calling to fulfill His dream.

We departed on a one-way plane ride to Phnom Penh in August of 2019. We are currently partnering with a local ministry in Phnom Penh to oversee three of their schools, which serve 600 elementary students.

Furthermore, Nikum will train 36 local teachers and will begin the process to implement the STEAM curriculum in each of the three schools. Due to the impoverished condition of Cambodia, all of this will be volunteer work and our journey can only be made possible with the collective support from friends and families like yourself.

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In His Love,

The Pon Fam