A little bit about us...

We're the Pon fam. Nikum, Jessica, Moses & Sicily. We met in 2011, both volunteering with a church plant in the heart of the Rainier Valley, in Seattle Washington.

We spent our first several months as friends, and decided marrying our best friend was a great idea. In February 2013 we were married. After an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage in April 2013, the Lord confirmed in us our desire to have children and we prayerfully tried again.

Two weeks before our first anniversary, Moses was born. We pursued the American dream... we became first time home owners, bought an SUV, and welcomed our second bundle of joy- Sicily in December 2015.  Shortly after her birth, we started to reevaluate how we wanted to raise our family.


We always knew that one day we would move to Cambodia- GRANTED, we thought that this may be 10-20 years down the road. We had no idea what was in store. It has been Nikum's life long dream to build a school in Cambodia (under the "School" tab, you can read more about the plan and mission for the school specifically).

While visiting in late 2017, we saw the state of the Education system here and learned that International schools were reserved for the rich. With annual tuition ranging from $4,000-$25,000. With Nikum's educational background we knew we could make a difference to provide high quality education for the poor.

Partner With Us...

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