Bike Fundraiser Update!

Hi Friends!

We did it!!! In just two weeks, we raised $770! We are in utter shock and awe by your generosity.

Once we arrived to Battambang, we went bike shopping. It struck me as we were purchasing the bikes, this was not only benefitting the children, we made a huge impact for a small business owner. That day he sold as many bikes as he had hoped to for the month.




Before leaving the US we knew that we had reached our goal for 9 bikes (the requested need) so we decided to go above and beyond that request and purchase new clothing for the children, as well as hygiene items. The last need that we did not know the severity of was food, so we were able to give them money towards food as well.

What we love most about these children and Pastor Vanny is their heart for the Lord. In everything we gave, they thanked the Lord. With all of the basic needs they have, they ask the Lord to provide and say that He always does. So again, thank you for being apart of this blessing to these very special children. We were able to present the bikes and supplies to them before they went to school, and they were so excited to ride the new bikes to school. Before, they were cramming 4 children to a bike, now most are able to ride solo, except for a few older kids who may have one young child in tow. Hopefully their smiles will suffice as an “Aukun Cheran” (thank you very much!).



What’s next for the children’s home:

Sustainability. This home is not sponsored regularly by any church or organization. Therefore, funds fluctuate and they never know exactly how much they’ll have.  A few years ago, they were generously gifted a large piece of land. When we first met them a few years ago, Pastor Vanny told us his heart for growing crops. They already have several chickens and ducks that they use for food, but to have fresh fruit and vegetables would really benefit. His dream is to have enough to feed to children and to sell to have a little extra income.

We shared this with our dear friend from home, Doug. He has been researching permaculture and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sustainability and crops. He immediately offered to come out and take a trip to the property to do a land assessment. It was so fun having our first friend from the states visit Cambodia, we only wish he was here longer. He was able to do the land assessment and take soil samples that will soon be analyzed here in Phnom Penh to determine which crops will thrive in their particular soil. I of course am giving you a very brief summary as I am sure his work is much more complicated, this is just what registered with me. Pastor Vanny said that he had been praying for someone to come help him come up with a plan for the crops and He answered that prayer through Doug, Thank you again!

In other news:

We have a lot of new developments regarding our school that we are very excited to share with you. This trip did not go as we had planned but not in a bad way. God did exactly what He wanted to with our time here and we are grateful.  We fly home tomorrow, and will share shortly thereafter. Please continue to be in prayer for us and the people of Cambodia. Our hearts grow evermore in love with this beautiful country and her people.


The Pons

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