WE’VE MET OUR GOAL! We now have NINE BIKES paid for! Thank you for your generosity & for spreading the word!

We have decided to let the campaign run until 12/31 as planned, any money raised after this point will be used for hygiene products, clothes, school supplies, and any other supplies they have immediate needs for.


Hi friends!

We hope you are enjoying this holiday season! It is getting real for us over here!

In a few short weeks we are traveling to Cambodia to house hunt, and building hunt- for our new school location! We hope to be relatively close to the school, as traffic in the capital is horrible- just a few miles could add a significant amount of time to our commute. We are also starting to pack and will bring a lot of the supplies needed for the school during this trip. This month we have collected quite a few children’s books (but always welcome more!) to bring along with us, as English books are hard to come by. We covet your prayers for all of the logistics and traveling ahead!

In the meantime, we have an giving opportunity for YOU!

Our friends at a rural orphanage, (pictured to the left) have reached out to us regarding their need for 9 bicycles. This is a legitimate orphanage that we have visited on multiple occasions and have kept in contact with.

In Cambodia, most people commute via motorcycle, and children commute several miles to and from school by bike. As the children in the orphanage age, they now have a need for more bicycles.

We will be in Cambodia in January and will personally purchase the bicycles for them. Your generous gift of $50 will provide one bicycle for a child to commute. The current need is 9 bikes.

CLICK HERE to donate today! This campaign will run until December 31st. Thank you so much for loving on the country we love so much. Stay tuned for updates and a reveal when we bring the kids their new bikes!

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