School Of Innovation

Phnom Penh

Our Mission

To equip and empower each and every student to learn, love, lead, and leave a legacy toward restoration and transformation of communities in Cambodia, Southeast Asia and around the world through high quality dual language immersion & Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEAM) innovational education. 


Our Vision

We see generations of students live in radical ways that reflect our school’s core values of learning, loving, leading and leaving a legacy with communities in Cambodia, Southeast Asia and around the world toward inclusion, equity, and social/environmental justice.


Our Core Values

  • We value LEARNING…unlocking every student’s potential, intelligence, gifts and talents.
  • We value LOVING…our neighbors as ourselves.
  • We value LEADING…the practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive.
  • We value LEAVING a Legacy…every student and staff will contribute to making our school community and the world a better place to live.


Our School Community Agreements

  • We agree…to be in relationships with one another to learn, love, lead and leave a legacy together.
  • We agree…to be in ways that are restorative toward taking risks, giving grace to one another, and making wrong things right.
  • We agree…to daily practice reflection, first inwardly, and then outwardly in how our actions/behaviors impact our relationships.
  • We agree…to re-imagine a world we want for each other and for future generations.


For more information, please visit the SOI website.